Sometimes I think "Cmd Z" in real life.

Shortly after, I'm disappointed.

 Branding, Retail & Lettering 

When possible, I prefer to work on complete branding systems vs. only a logo mark, but am happy to contribute whatever part is needed. I also enjoy picking up branding elements where they left off, and creating menus, new cards, web graphics, packaging, etc. I’ve also been working on a lettering project; lettering snippets of overheard conversation. (They are all vectors.)


 Web & Mobile 

Would be great to get as much time as possible before a due date, but understand urgency happens. I prefer a set hourly rate, usually to be determined once and then set from there on, set up as either an contractor through payroll or can send invoices; both involving some painless tax paperwork. Dropbox works great for passing files, always up to review a non-disclosure, and ask before including something in the portfolio. I always try to deliver a file cleaner than when it came to me.

Password Protected


 Personal Projects 

Sauces on the Side


My husband, Joel, and I document people and things with fancy cameras; usually during weddings. We use Canon, and some janky film cameras that are fun to play with.

Overheard Type Project

I eavesdrop on strangers, and make pretty hand lettering out of what they don't know I'm overhearing. Keep Me Whole, Enjoy the Day, A Real Mix of Shit, and I want to be in love with the process, are a few current faves.

An Airstream & Other Small Living Experiments

Sometimes, I live with Joel in an Airstream on the side of a mountain near Santa Cruz, CA. We shower outside and have an analog hammock. (No electronic devices allowed.) We also lived in 150 sq ft apartment over the summer, and bought a small patch of land on the coast to put a 13' Garway trailer we're rehabbing.

A Cat Named Goat

We found our third cat on the side of the road at a vista point in Big Sur. (She is currently 80% fetch-trained.) She is missing a front toe, and named Goat Bixby.




My student loans tell me I have a BFA in graphic design, but have never made strides to get the piece of paper printed. I’ve enjoyed freelancing on “ghost” mode* for a few years, and before that worked for creative groups. (With anywhere from 2-50+ co-workers.) Making quality work, amongst good people is a high priority for me.

*Ghost Mode – Do the work for an agency, get paid a set hourly rate, client doesn’t know I exist, and now I have to make blurry things in parts of my portfolio and avoid keywords so the Google doesn’t know. Hence, the pesky password protected pages.



Thanks for the note! Fun fact to contemplate while I get back to you: The Simpsons popularized the word, meh.




Portland, Oregon